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Reading and Phonics



3 reasons you should read with your child:

1. Reading exposes your child to rich language and diverse content.
2. Reading with your children helps prepare their minds to succeed in school.
3. Reading with your child can enrich family ties and intimacy.


At Arnold View Primary School, we believe that reading is the key to all of our children’s learning and is given high priority. Success in reading has a direct effect on all other areas of the curriculum and is crucial in developing self-confidence and motivation.  


Our aim is that all pupils learn to read well, gaining both fluency and a good level of understanding. We encourage children to read widely and often, for both pleasure and information. Children are encouraged to read in all subjects, at every opportunity. 


Reading is about engaging and immersing the reader in a wide range of high-quality texts to be informed, entertained, make sense of themselves and the world around them. We want to ensure that when reading we use quality texts and spend time unpicking what we are reading, combining the teaching of reading and writing skills within a context that is meaningful, purposeful and creative.  


In the Foundation stage and KS1, the children’s reading books run alongside their phonics to ensure that what they are reading is at the right level, accessible and develops fluency.   

What can parents/carers do to help? 

  • Set aside a quiet time with no distractions. 

  • Make reading enjoyable and a time to share. 

  • Be positive and reassure even if they make mistakes. 

  • Practise regularly  

  • Talk about the book and ask them questions about what they have read or about the pictures.  

  • Read a variety of books, share books especially with younger readers. Reading along with you will help too.  

Book lists 

Children are encouraged to explore a range of genres, authors, structure and complexity of texts. We also try and link the books we use to the topics we are learning about, to give more understanding and meaning.