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8 – Falcons


A huge welcome to Class 8. We are called the Falcons and we love learning as well as having lots of fun. Our curriculum this year has been designed to bring learning to life with topics such as those rotten Romans, finding out why volcanos erupt and understanding why the stone age people built Stonehenge.


Our thrilling topics this year include….

  • Autumn 1 – Magnets
  • Autumn 2 – The Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age
  • Spring 1 – Rocks and soil and volcanoes
  • Spring 2 – The Romans
  • Summer 1 – The human body – muscles and nutrition. Light
  • Summer 2 – Plants. The Mediterranean.


I am Mr Jarvis the class teacher. I enjoy spending time with my family and most weekends we love going on adventures to places like Alton Towers and Thorpe Park. I am an avid supporter of Nottingham Forest and you will always see me cheering on the ‘The Reds’!