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10 - Hawks


Hello and welcome to the Hawk’s Class Page!


My name is Mrs Beck (some of you may still know me as Miss Green!) and I am Class 10’s teacher. During the year, we aim to learn a lot and we will try to have lots of fun doing it! Our topics will include…

  • Autumn 1 – Can you feel the force? (Science - Forces and Motion)
  • Autumn 2 – Where's my Mummy? (History - Ancient Egypt)
  • Spring 1 – Where am I? (Geography - Local Area)
  • Spring 2 – Do all animals start life as an egg? (Science - Animals and Life Cycles)
  • Summer 1 – Does the punishment fit the crime? (History - Changes in Crime and Punishment)
  • Summer 2 – How can you light up your life? (Science - Light, Shadows and The Eye)


We do PE sessions twice a week - please ensure your PE kit is in school all week and you have inside and outside clothing. Mrs Buckby is our wonderful Teaching Assistant – She’s fun, friendly and extremely creative!

In my spare time, I love going to watch the Ice Hockey and my favourite team are the Nottingham Panthers. I also enjoy keeping healthy, being creative, reading Harry Potter, spending time with my dog (who I talk about A LOT!) and travelling. My favourite holidays are spent in Greece, America and Canada. Some people may say I like shopping too :) I have been a teacher for 11 years; I really enjoy teaching and making my classroom nice and bright!


Hello and welcome to the Hawk’s Class Page!