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Investors in Pupils

What is Investors in Pupils Award?


'Investors in Pupils' is an award rewarding good practice in involving children in their own education.  'Investors in Pupils' can increase motivation, empower all children and help to raise confidence in children’s own learning.

The programme is designed to provide all children with the opportunity to take responsibility for, and participate in their own education, whist appreciating the resources available to support their learning.


How IIP can help children at AVP:


  • Children understand how their school works and how it is run
  • Children have become more involved in their own education by taking part in votes and being part of the school council
  • Children have started to take responsibility for more aspects of their school life.
  • Children recognise the people who support them in their learning.
    IIP supports our children in making rules and in setting targets for their class and for themselves whilst recognising the importance of relationships and teamwork; and, the roles and responsibilities of everyone involved in their education and at school.
    The Investors in Pupils Award is based on four principles:
  • Commitment, Review, Action and Improvement
     These are evidenced through five key areas:
  • Learning
  • Behaviour
  • Attendance and Punctuality
  • Our Classroom
  • Induction
    Examples of how IIP is promoted at Arnold View Primary School
    Individual Target Setting:
    Children throughout school have regularly reviewed individual targets for their personal development which are celebrated half termly and rewarded with a certificate. This gets everyone involved from at home and in school.
    Class Induction Booklets:
    Each class has made an Induction Booklet to help new children and staff understand what happens in the school day. Included in the booklet is information about the class, the jobs of responsibility held and the weekly routines.
    Class Vision Statements:
    Each class agrees a vision statement and class rules that they refer to throughout the year.
    Staff Interviews:
    At the start of each academic year, children will interview staff throughout the school to find out what their role is and how they can help the children at AVP.
    Class targets:
    Each class set a whole class target and work hard to achieve their whole class target.
    This enables children to understand what is needed to improve and take responsibility for their progress.
    Class Budget:
    Each year, Mrs Bryant shows the children in assembly a presentation about the School Budget. She explains where the money came from and how it is spent. Children learn about the cost of resources they use every day to enable them to appreciate how lucky they are. AT the end of the school year, the children are able to use the budget to buy something for their class.


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