Day 1


We arrived safe and sound with 27 very excited children. They were all brilliantly behaved and only asked if we were nearly there...a dozen times.

Once we arrived at St Michaels we discussed safety procedures and then had to make our own bed! This was a shock for some! Then came the time for a delicious lunch served by Mrs Dermody and we all had amazing manners.

After lunch we got kitted out in our walking boots, waterproof gear and thick socks. All the gear...

We headed off through Hathersage village and up a gigantic hill to see Little John's grave, we were astonished by the length of his grave! We then headed down the hill and saw some allotments, a lovely stream and picturesque scenery. We only got a little bit wet!

Once we were back, we got out of our dorm stuff and had a play. Mrs Mitchell and Miss Coton pretended to be superheroes, while the children played table top football. Dinner was served again by Mrs Dermody, with her glamorous assistants.  Then we had another play and a few stories.

Day 2

We have had a brilliant, busy day today. We started the morning reading 'We're going on a Bear Hunt,' We read maps and completed a problem solving course; this got us prepared for our bear hunt adventure.

After a quick snack and drink we got kitted up and started our journey. Our journey took us up a few hills, where we saw some amazing scenery and lots of sheep!! As we were walking we looked for clues to see if there were any bears around and there was. Lots of us found fur and a few scratches on trees!

Once we got to North Lees Hall we had our lunch (prepared by Mrs Dermody, again!) and sat looking at Stannage Edge towering above us. We then descended into a beautiful woodland area covered in bluebells. We even crossed a stream and some of us got our toes wet crossing the stepping stones! We went on a bear hunt and found some clues which led us to an Old Paper Mill ruin, it was magical. As well as bear clues we discovered a Crocodile, which actually turned out to be a log! Mr Dermody said it was a log ness monster!

We then climbed another hill to head back home. We walked for over three hours and according to our pedometer over the whole day we reached around 17000 steps and 10km!

Once we were back, we cleaned our boots and emptied our rucksacks and got our fancy outfit on ready for out trip to Pool Cafe. The food was delicious and we loved the bingo afterwards!

Afterwards we had a play and went to bed. Many of us fell asleep straight away!


Day 1

We all arrived safely to a lovely sunny Caythorpe Court. After a speedy lunch we got straight on with out first activity. Group 1 began with the high ropes while groups 2 and 3 trekked down to the archery sheds. Mrs. Dermody was super impressed with her group, as they all made it around the high ropes in one piece! Jamie and Ryan, who were initially scared, amazed themselves by manoeuvring around all of the obstacles! Emily was an excellent archer, scoring 15 points in group 2. Daniel also showcased his skills, with a bow and arrow, just like Robin Hood. Charlotte managed to hit every colour on the target... except the one she was aiming for!

After singing funny songs, at the tops of our voices, we made our way to activities number 2. It was orienteering for group 2, high ropes for group 3 and archery for group 1. Jack, Kailum and Jacob were fantastic map readers, returning to the starting point twice, before any other group. Despite refusing to put one foot on the high ropes course, Alicia made her way around the entire ropes course, with some coaxing from Miss Little.

Dinner was delicious chicken tikka masala or sausage and mash, with a scrummy cinnamon cake for dessert!

We had a fab time playing board games, before heading out to the camp fire. We sang silly songs and got to know children from other schools.

Day 2

A cracking start to the day: bacon, hash brown, baked beans and tomatoes! Nom!

Group 1 started on the giant swing. All of them complained about their wedgies; they were worth it! The girls started off: Sophie and Alice went straight to the top and squealed all of the way down. Next up was Georgia and Emma who also went to the top. Alfie and Dec held their breath the whole way down and Joe and Ryan, despite complaining about going to the top, enjoyed every minute of the experience! Jamie and Ellisa pulled the most amazing faces as they descended! Finally Isabelle and Peter finished off the session - there were some worried faces, but they managed it and both giggled throughout! Next was rifle shooting, where everyone learnt the safety rules. Emma, Georgia and Isabelle all needed to use their strong muscles when cracking the rifle in half! Alice managed to hit the target 3 times and Joe with 4 out of 4 on the target!

Group 2 tackled the High Ropes first. Matthew and Daniel both needed a hero at several points, but with the support of the fantastic PGL staff they made their way around. Due to their speed, Emily and Jess made it around twice! Ruby, Freddie, Jacob and Tia were all reluctant at first, but all completed the course! Next was the Giant Swing (it was a busy morning for them all!) Emily and Mrs. Barclay went to the top of the giant swing - Mrs. Barclay was the MOST terrified! Kailum kept Mrs. Bryant company and encouraged her to go to the top! Milli over came her fear of heights and laughed all the way down! Matthew and Daniel were left traumatised after the experience, but they're incredibly proud of their achievements - well done boys! Natalia and Jack also enjoyed swinging in the cold country air!

Group 3 started with climbing. Everyone was FANTASTIC! Olivia and Anya climbed all the way to the top and rung the bell! At the end of the session there was even time to lay a bouldering game! Ellis and Mav were the finalists, with Ellis finally winning! Next was the challenge course, where all ended up covered in mud! It was very slippery and caused a few problems... but the mud added to the fun! It was especially challenging when everyone had to complete the obstacles, with all of them holding onto the same rope! Alicia was the muddiest after slipping over!

A plateful of pasta for lunch and we were off for the afternoon activities!

Group 1 tackled Jacobs Ladder with Alfie and Jamie using every movement possible to get their legs over each rung! They worked as a team to support each other and with the help of Dec, made it to the sixth rung of the ladder. Peter, Joe and Ryan preferred to swing like monkeys instead! The Dream Team belayers were Alice, Georgia and Sophie, who eventually had to give up their position to Mrs. Bryant, Mrs. Barclay and Miss Little! Ellisa was like Spider-Man, climbing a tower and Alice, Georgia and Sophie displayed further teamwork whilst climbing!

Group 2 started with rifle shooting. Emily overcame her fear of the rifles and shot 3 pellets towards the target! Jeremy the instructor was very patient and supported Emily throughout the entire process and allowed her to have a go by herself.

Group 3 were also conquering Jacobs Ladder! Everybody attempted the ladder with them all making it to the 4th rung! Olivia and Honey were once again the star climbers making it to the 6th and 5th rung - well done girls! Belaying was mastered, after practising in the morning. Well done to all of the group - Alicia, Mav, Holly, Kristi, Charlotte, Luke, Ellis, Jake, Anya and Lia. A special shout out to Luke and Alicia who received a lot of praise from staff from another school, for the their manners and politeness when replacing their helmets!

For the final activity of the day, Group 1 and 3 joined together to take part in orienteering. They read maps to find their way around the site and took part in a range of team games.

Group 2 finished off with Jacob's Ladder. Ruby climbed ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP with Jess not far behind! Emily managed to make it to the 5th rung, with the rest following below.

Dinner was chicken nuggets or pie with wedges and apple pie for dessert. The evening concluded with a game of Ambush - hide and seek in the dark! Everyone at some point ended up laid in the ground with leaves around them. Most managed to grasp the concept of being quiet whilst hiding and waiting! All tucked up in bed now and hoping that it won't be as cold tomorrow as the weather first reported!

Day 3

We began the day eating sausages, beans, mushrooms and scrambled egg! Yummy! Everyone certainly has healthy appetites!

Group 1 started with the Challenge course. due to frost on the equipment (it's that cold!) it meant that the course had to be adapted! Everyone enjoyed using only 4 hoops to make their way along the course. The cargo net and tyres were a firm favourite! Next was the climbing wall! Alice made it to the top of the wall in one minute!!! WOW, Joe, Sophie, Isabelle, Jamie, Georgia, Alfie and Ellisa all made it to the very top! peter and Emma weren't far behind making it 3/4 of the way up. Well done to Ryan and Declan who managed to climb to the blue line - well done!

Group 2 started with the climbing wall. Jess, Ruby, Freddie and Tia made it to the very top of the wall! Ruby managed to achieve this in under five minutes! Emily, Milli, Matthew, Daniel, Jack, Jacob and Kailum made it to the blue line (about 3-4 meters off the ground). There was lots of encouragement! Challenge corse next with Jacob being the first through the giant spiders web, without touching the rope. With help and guidance from Jacob, ruby was the second person through! Emily provided us with the sound effects! Milli hair was the main culprit, Kailum always nudged it with his foot and Daniel attempted to crawl through! A special mention to Natalia for persevering and climbing over the HUGE cargo net!

Group 3 started with the Giant Swing. All went from the highest point. Alicia's face was a picture when pulling the release cord. Kristi and Mrs Barclay waited in anticipation until the very last moment and swung from the highest height with an audience of Mr Key, Mr Pete and Miss Little filming. They were super nervous. All in the group helped the instructor with the rope tasks but special mentions to Lia and Charlotte who helped every time without being reminded and Holly who sorted out everyone's harnesses. Super work girls, dorm points all round. Anya was a superstar and had four goes on the giant swing, pulling the release cord every time. During problem solving, some showed more perseverance with the tasks than others. We learnt a valuable lesson in that you can't listen if you are talking as your brain can't receive information as well as give it out at the same time. Holly showed perseverance in solving tricky problems and Luke showed a drastic improvement after giving up at the beginning. Jake, Ellis and Mav showed fantastic listening skills during problem solving and were able to reason and work out some tricky answers.

Lunch was 'make your own baguette'! Ham, turkey or salami with grated cheese and some crisps with a massive bowl of salad! We must mention how much these guys eat - especially from the salad bar too!

Group 1 took part in Aeroball which the children throughly enjoyed. This is basically basketball played on an enclosed trampoline. Great teamwork skills were observed and lots of sweaty socks. Raft building needs plenty of cooperation and teamwork to build the raft which was seen in abundance in this session. The rafts are made out of oil drums, logs and rope and need proper construction otherwise soggy children begin to appear. No sooner had Isabelle sat on the raft, she proceeded to glide gracefully into the lake. Being such a trooper, she climbed back on again and helped paddle to the centre of the lake.

Group 2 also took part in Aeroball straight after lunch! (A combination of trampolining and basket ball - always a good idea straight after eating! Hehe!) Then straight down to the pond for raft building! Jess was quick to master the D knot, helping Milli, Ruby and Tia. Jacob and Kailum were excellent went making the figure of 8 knot, remembering to poke the carrot onto the snowman's head! A certain highlight was Emily forgetting that she needed 2 people to carry a pole and then standing on it and somehow managing to slip off it... Miss Little cried with laughter! After lots of sausage, sushi, chocolate and artic rolls we managed to pull the wooden poles through the raft. Mr. Key did an excellent job of holding the raft in the water, unfortunately Natalia and Matthew fell in; Jacob fell in not long after! The raft managed to stay in shape and most of the group went back on for a second time! Excellent team work!

Group 3 started the afternoon with raft building. Without any instruction, the group started off attempting to use the materials given to construct their own raft. Unfortunately. These would not have been successful once floated on the pond! After this, they were given a diagram to follow, which made the raft building a little easier, but still not successful. After direction from the activity leader, they were able to build a raft with lots of giggles and laughter, with Mrs. Barlcay and Mr. Peet observing from afar. Olivia managed to climb onto the raft before realising that she'd not changed her shoes... Most of them floated in the middle of the pond for some time. Mrs. Barclay enjoyed seeing the shocked look on all of the faces of those who decided to jump in: Jake, Alfie, Mav (minus a towel for drying after raft building or showering!) and Luke... although Luke didn't fall in without help! Hehe! After drying off and changing their clothes everyone traipsed off to Areoball where excellent team work and skills were demonstrated, along with a lot of bouncing!

Glazed gammon/fish fingers and chips with vegetables were for dinner. This was followed by an quick dorm tidy, as it looked like everyone's suitcases had exploded! Then off for evening entertainment: Wakey Races!

PS - Does anyone know if Peter has been to Planet Bounce? 😂Because we don't!

Day 4

Bacon, hash browns tomatoes and spaghetti was for breakfast! Yummy!

Group 1 - great effort in abseiling today. Some very brave children overcoming their fear of heights. Thank you to the children who helped Mrs Barclay into her harness and then proceeded to take numerous photographs of her bottom during her descent! Great teamwork observed sorting the ropes and the clips for the instructors. Isabelle, Sophie, Joe, Alfie, Emma, Ellisa, Georgia, Alice, all abseiled too! Ellisa helped Miss Green with her harness and made sure she was safe before abseiling and Georgia was a superstar when helping people unclip their metal work! Miss Green also abseiled - what a lovely surprise to have her here for the day along with Miss Jarvis. Group 1 then moved onto Problem solving - well done to Peter, Emma and Isabelle for taking the lead in some of the challenges. Jamie provided the group with an excellent riddle which took us all ages to solve.

Group 2 started with problem solving: A challenge for the start of the day! After lots of comparing, everyone could order themselves in height order, although shoe size did cause a few problems! :D Everyone was able to work as a team to make the giant sea-saw balance for 7 seconds and the drain pipe challenge posed a few problems as some people forgot that 2 people had to hold it! Whoops! The broken bridge was the easiest problem to solve, even thought it's a tricky problem problem - well done guys! They then moved onto abseiling next: Freddie, Jacob, Jess, Tia, Emily, Ruby, Matthew and Daniel all abseiled more than once! Well done to those who were terrified and didn't make it down, but still went and had a go! After much protesting, Mrs. Dermody persuaded a frightened Miss Jarvis to abseil with her too - and she loved it!

Group 3 also started the morning with abseiling. Luke, Anya, Mav, Charlotte, Olivia, Lia, Kristi and Ellis all made it down the abseiling wall confidently. Olivia even had her scarf thrown over the wall! (It is beautiful!) After a lot of persuasion, Honey was lowered down the wall: she couldn't believe what she had achieved and was still in shock several minutes later! Alicia and Holly gave it a good go and also stood at the top of the wall. Next Group 3 moved onto rifle shooting. We all had to use our muscles to cock the barrel of the rifle! Luke hit the target quickly, with Alicia ,Charlotte and Lia not far behind! Wow! After a quick practise, targets were put up and a challenge set. ANYA AND CHARLOTTE SHOT A BULLS EYE!

A delicious lunch of jacket potatoes was eaten by all, with plenty of cheese!

Group 1 started the afternoon with the vertical challenge. Ellisa was the first to the top of this tricky climbing challenge which incorporates rope ladders, tyres, a climbing wall and net. She was shortly followed by Alice and Georgia. Excellent work girls. Declan also managed to get to the top but he was so quick that one second he was on the ground, the next he was dangling in the sky. Great effort. The afternoon concluded with ball games where lots of games were played and everyone participated well!

Group 2 started off with ball games: the children thoroughly enjoyed it! This involved using one ball to play a variety of games, none of which were football! Fantastic team work and co-operation! They finished off the day with the Vertical Challenge, which again involved Ruby climbing all the way to the top again! Everyone else in the group climbed up to the tyres or to the top of the tyres!

Group 3 started the afternoon with Vertical Challenge too - Anya and Olivia were straight to the top, both enjoying dangling in their harnesses! Ellis made it half way up the tyres then got stuck! Every demonstrated excellent belaying skills - the instructor, Fraser was very impressed by the confidence shown! Well done Alicia, Kristi, Lia, Charlotte, Jake, Holly, Luke, Mav, Honey, Anya, Ellis and Olivia! Charlotte, Lia, Luke and Mav made it to the top of the tyres, with Holly, Kristi and Jake sitting on the bottom tyre and watching the action unfold from above! A cracking session - it turns out Group 3 are not afraid of taking selfies! Finally, to finish the day, Group 3 tackled the Tunnel Trail.

Yet another delicious dinner and then off to the disco! We'll see you all tomorrow - just a little warning about the stench from some of their clothes.... mainly the ones which went in the pond!