Hathersage Residential Visit - Day 1

We arrived safe and sound with 27 very excited children. They were all brilliantly behaved and only asked if we were nearly there...a dozen times.

Once we arrived at St Michaels we discussed safety procedures and then had to make our own bed! This was a shock for some! Then came the time for a delicious lunch served by Mrs Dermody and we all had amazing manners.

After lunch we got kitted out in our walking boots, waterproof gear and thick socks. All the gear...

We headed off through Hathersage village and up a gigantic hill to see Little John's grave, we were astonished by the length of his grave! We then headed down the hill and saw some allotments, a lovely stream and picturesque scenery. We only got a little bit wet!

Once we were back, we got out of our dorm stuff and had a play. Mrs Mitchell and Miss Coton pretended to be superheroes, while the children played table top football. Dinner was served again by Mrs Dermody, with her glamorous assistants.  Then we had another play and a few stories.

Day 2

We have had a brilliant, busy day today. We started the morning reading 'We're going on a Bear Hunt,' We read maps and completed a problem solving course; this got us prepared for our bear hunt adventure.

After a quick snack and drink we got kitted up and started our journey. Our journey took us up a few hills, where we saw some amazing scenery and lots of sheep!! As we were walking we looked for clues to see if there were any bears around and there was. Lots of us found fur and a few scratches on trees!

Once we got to North Lees Hall we had our lunch (prepared by Mrs Dermody, again!) and sat looking at Stannage Edge towering above us. We then descended into a beautiful woodland area covered in bluebells. We even crossed a stream and some of us got our toes wet crossing the stepping stones! We went on a bear hunt and found some clues which led us to an Old Paper Mill ruin, it was magical. As well as bear clues we discovered a Crocodile, which actually turned out to be a log! Mr Dermody said it was a log ness monster!

We then climbed another hill to head back home. We walked for over three hours and according to our pedometer over the whole day we reached around 17000 steps and 10km!

Once we were back, we cleaned our boots and emptied our rucksacks and got our fancy outfit on ready for out trip to Pool Cafe. The food was delicious and we loved the bingo afterwards!

Afterwards we had a play and went to bed. Many of us fell asleep straight away!