Curriculum Rationale and Ethos and Values Statement

At Arnold View we believe that children need a curriculum which is relevant, interesting and inspiring.  We also believe we must support the children to become effective learners who understand how to achieve their personal potential as well as contributing positively to their local and the wider community.

The curriculum we teach in each year group are designed to provide the children with the opportunity to ask questions and direct their own learning. 

As a school we recognise the need to celebrate the diversity of backgrounds and faith we have in school whilst promoting the strong, shared (British) values of:

  • behaviour and the rule of law
  • tolerance of each other’s beliefs and values 
  • democracy
  • mutual respect
  • individual liberty 

These are reflected through the curriculum topics we teach, our themed weeks and days, our assemblies, our school and eco councils, our work with parents and the wider community and our expectations of the children and the example we set as a school.

Each topic taught starts off or ends with a curriculum enhancement experience. This could be either a visit to a relevant place where we can deepen the children's understanding and enable them to fully understand their learning, a visitor in school who can provide the children with a relevant and thought provoking experience or an experience created by the class teachers. 

Currently there are two residential experiences for children in school. In Year 2, children have the opportunity to visit Hathersage for 2 days, usually in the summer term and in Year 6 children have the opportunity to visit PGL.

The National Curriculum is the starting point for planning, with the PSHE element offering comprehensive coverage that allows pupils the opportunity to consider issues that may affect them both within school and outside of school.  Pupils are positively encouraged to challenge stereotypical images and views and are aware of how, and who to report concerns to if something is troubling them.  We aim to offer a balanced view with pupils able to make decisions based on their learning.

Further information about what is being covered in each year group can be found in the curriculum newsletters on each class page. Click below to access our curriculum policy

Arnold View Primary School Curriculum Overview Plans