F2 - Busybees & Ladybirds

Miss Wilson

Mrs Usher

Welcome to the wonderful world of the Busy Bees and Ladybirds a super place to begin your fulltime learning. We strive to make each day special and exciting just the same as all of the children who come to learn with us. 

We are dedicated, motivated and animated! We believe that every child is an individual and we work hard to ensure that all children reach their full potential in our safe, fun loving and stimulating environment. We are very proud of the Unit and we love working here!  

We are looking forward to an excellent start to 2020, with our new topics and Talk 4 Writing stories to learn. We will be doing lots of exciting work this year! Our topics will include ‘Somewhere over the Rainbow’, looking at famous artists and ‘Dinotastic’. As well as working hard on our topics we will learn about Australia Day, Birthdays, weddings Chinese New Year, Easter and lots of other really exciting things!!  We have an artist’s gallery role-play and a paint supplies workshop as well as pop up shops, changing every week. 

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