F1 - Fireflies


Mrs Hutchinson

Miss Kind

Welcome to the F1 Fireflies Class Page!

Miss Kind teaches the morning Firefly children and Mrs Hutchinson teaches the afternoon Fireflies. We also have Mrs Middleton and Mrs Richards helping us learn and play.

We are really looking forward to all the wonderful things that Spring has to bring. We are starting our Spring 1 topic with a burst of colours! Dressing up in as many different colours as we can to brighten up the grey days! We are also looking at some art by famous artists, Mondrian and Andy Goldsworthy. We are also looking at celebrations, such as birthdays.

In Spring 2, we will be going dino-tastically dizzy for dinosaurs! 

As ever, thank you for all of your wonderful support. If you have a spare hour a week, please see us to discuss volunteering in our wonderful, fun Foundation Unit. 


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