6 – Kingfishers


Mrs Mitchell

Hello, we are class 6 and we are called the Kingfishers. I am Mrs Mitchell the class teacher and we are all year 3. We are looking forward to starting the term exploring the book of ‘Fantastic Mr Fox-Roald Dahl ’ we will be discovering the juicy tale of greed, pride and the power of friendship. We will be moving on to find out about the topics listed below. Class 6, 7 and 8 will be planning projects and activities together across the Lower Key Stage. We will be finding out the answers to these questions while developing skills across all areas of the curriculum.

Autumn 1 – How would we survive without water? 

Autumn 2 - Who’s a bright spark?  

Spring 1 – How can we rediscover the wonder of Ancient Greece?

Spring 2 – Are you brave enough to swim with sharks? \what happens to the food we eat?

Where have all the lace factories gone in Nottingham?               

Summer 1 –Which animals and plants thrive in Nottingham/Arnold?

Summer 2 – Where would you choose to build a city? Why is the sound that ‘One Direction’ make enjoyed by so many?

This will be my second year Key Stage 2 after 4 years of teaching in year 1. I am very much looking forward to continuing to teach the year 3 curriculum and getting to spend time with some familiar faces from the previous years as well as some new faces I have not yet taught. It will be a very busy but exciting year!

When I am not at work I enjoy spending time with my husband and my 2 daughters. I like having the time to sit and read a good book or two! I love being outdoors and walking and exploring some of the lovely nature reserves and parks we have in our local environment. I enjoy cooking and eating out and I love Haribos and Olives!

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