6 – Kingfishers

              Laura Haigh 
Mrs Maltby-Sells         Mrs Haigh

Hello! Welcome to Class 6. We are year 3 the Kingfishers class. The teachers in this class for the first half term are Mrs Haigh and Mrs Maltby-Sells. We are looking forward to starting our new book ‘Bills’s new frock’ by Anne Fine. We are then going to be exploring our new topic which will involve lots of investigations around heating and cooling. We will then move on to the following topics across the year. We will work closely with classes 7 and 8 as part of lower key stage 2.

Autumn 1- How good is a chocolate teapot?  (States of matter)

Autumn 2 – Who’s a bright spark?  (Electricity)

Spring  1- It’s all Greek to me! (The Greeks)

Spring 2- Why do we burp? (Digestive system)

Summer 1- Is there a shark in the park? (local area study/habitats)

Summer 2- What is that ringing in my ear? (Sound)

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