5 – Robins

Mrs Smeathers

Hello, we are class 5 and we are called the Robins. Our teacher is Mrs Smeathers! We are all in year 2 and are a happy, friendly and hardworking class.

At the start of the term in class 5 we are reading the book ‘Have you filled a bucket today?' We will be thinking about sharing and friendship linked to the story. We will be making our own buckets to put happy kind things in that we have done. We will also link the story to our maths and English work.

During the rest of the autumn term in our ‘Light and Dark’ topic, we will be reading the story ‘Owl Babies’ and 'The owl who was afraid of the dark' and using this to explore nocturnal animals. In science we will be discovering why there is day and night time and what happens to the animals. We will also look at some reflective materials and design a coat to help us be seen during the night. We will also be looking at seasonal changes. After Half term we will be focussing on history and discovering brave and significant people from the past.

Throughout the Spring term we will be looking at animals and what makes an animal an animal as well as how we can group animals. We will also be learning about habitats and how animals survive in their habitats. This is Mrs Smeathers favourite topic! Our English work will link to this topic and we will be reading lots of books about animals. We will be learning about fractions, money and shapes as well as looking at things that we have already learnt this year.

In class 5 our class motto is ‘Mistake are proof that we are trying' and we always try our best. We have fun while we learn and we work together as a team to achieve the best we can! We are going to try extremely hard to meet our reading target, to read 3 times each week at home and complete our weekly spellings homework too! We are very excited about working hard and challenging ourselves to gain Dojo points, behaviour slips, and golden time.

Our teacher, Mrs Smeathers, loves teaching as well as horses. She also likes to go for walks in the country side and visiting places of interest. She has two rabbits called John Denby and Finton and often has funny stories to tell the class. Mrs Smeathers loves being the teacher of the Robins, especially when we learn and discover new things or overcome challenges.

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