3 – Nightingales

Laura Jones
Miss Jones

Hello and welcome to class 3. We are called the Nightingales and we are all year 1.  Our teacher is Miss Jones and we are all very excited about all of the fun learning we are going to be doing in class 3 this year!  In class 3, we are enthusiastic and reflective learners that enjoy working together and embracing challenges.

At the start of term we are going to be reading the book ‘Have you filled a bucket today?’  and thinking about how to be a kind person.  We will also be doing lots of interesting activities based around the story and linked to the curriculum. During the rest of the Autumn term, we are going to be beginning our new topic ‘Night and Day’ and investigating why we have night and day.

Miss Jones enjoys being creative and in her spare time she likes to go to dance-themed fitness classes to keep fit and healthy.  She also likes taking her pug Dudley for walks when the weather is nice.

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