3 – Nightingales

Carl Jarvis
Mr Jarvis

A huge welcome to Class 3. We are called the Nightingales and we love learning as well as having lots of fun. Our curriculum this year has been designed to bring learning to life from those Vile Victorians, finding out where Wally really is and being inspired by our wonderful Olympic champions. We plan to end this exciting year with a visit to the seaside and no doubt an ice cream (or two) on the beach. 

Our thrilling topics this year include….

Autumn 1 – Where’s Wally- Where in the World is Wally?

Autumn 2- Horrible Histories- Why were the Victorians so Vile?

Spring 1- Can we build it? Yes we can! – What is our school made of?

Spring 2-We are the Champions! What makes an Olympian?

Summer 1-Ground Force- How does your garden grow?

Summer 2-Coast to coast- Seaside or City?

I am Mr Jarvis the class teacher. I am supported in the class by the wonderful Miss Fisk and Mrs Ingham and together we are passionate about making everyday a happy one.

In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family and most weekends we enjoy going on adventures to places like Alton Towers and Thorpe Park. I am an avid supporter of Nottingham Forest and you will always see me cheering on the ‘The Reds’!

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