11 – Golden Eagles

Lizzie Johnston

Miss Johnston

Hello and welcome to the Eagle’s Class Page!

My name is Miss Johnson and I am Class 11’s teacher.  This year we aim to learn a lot and we will try to have loads of fun doing it!  Our topics this year will include….

Autumn 1        What makes us behave in difference ways?

                        Can you feel the force?

Autumn 2        Where’s my Mummy?

Spring 1           Where am I?

Spring 2           Do all animals start life as an egg?

Summer 1       Were the Anglo-Saxons really smashing?

                        Does the punishment fit the crime?

Summer 2       How can you light up your life?

Our PE days are on Monday and Tuesday.  On a Tuesday, we are lucky to have Mr Smith (PE) and Mrs Maltby-Sells teaching us in the afternoon.  Mrs Shoebridge is our wonderful Teaching Assistant.

In my spare time I love doing yoga.  I have been a teacher for 9 years and enjoy making learning fun and exciting as well as preparing children for their life in Secondary School.


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