Investors in Pupils

We are very proud that Arnold View Primary School has achieved the Investors in Pupils Award. The principle of this award is to empower all pupils and to help contribute to raising achievement.

As part of the Investors in Pupils Award the pupils find out about our school, the jobs of everyone who works in it, the role and repsonsibility of the school governors, how the school budget is spent and their own responsibilities within the school. 

Investors in Pupils encourages the pupils to take responsibility for setting targets whole class targets with things they want to improve on and individual, personal targets for themselves, each half term. It helps them to recognise the importance of the roles and responsibilities of everyone involved in their school, and helps them to consider how they as pupils can help to make a difference.
All our classrooms have an Investors in Pupils display, which displays:

  • A class target
  • Individual pupil targets
  • Picture of the class governor and description of their role
  • Class rules, which were compiled and agreed with the children
  • An example of our Investors in Pupils Certificate
  • A class induction booklet
  • Job description of a member of staff who works in school
  • The class budget

Budget Challenge

This year every class has been given a budget of £100 to spend on anything they want at the end of the year. This could be something for the classroom e.g new books, cd, games for wet play, something for the garden area e.g flowers, plants, pots or something else.........

BUT ...................There is a catch!!!!!

Mrs Padwick, Mrs Dermody and Mrs Bryant have created a price list for things that get regularly damaged,wasted or go missing in each class, such as pritt sticks, pencils, rubbers, paper etc. The cost of these damaged, wasted or lost items will be deducted from the class budget of £100. 

Mrs Bryant looks forward to seeing if each class can keep their £100 to spend at the end of the year!

Investors in Pupils Displays